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Math 54 — Algebra for Statistics

Professor Tim Busken

Email Address:


Book :  Math Lit A Pathway to College Mathematics
Author: Kathleen Almy and Heather Foes
ISBN: 9780321911216
Publisher: Pearson

Supplies Timely possession of books and supplies is necessary for success. Each student should have the following:

  • Assigned textbook and access to MyMathLab, course ID: busken47613 . Bring the book to class.
  • Scientific calculator. Bring it to class every day.
  • A pack of 3” x 5” cards. Bring some to class each day.
  • Pencils (several) and a good eraser; please make sure pencils are sharpened before class begins
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Section 73770

MTWTh 8 - 9:20 pm
Room: P-1
Final: Monday, December 14
            8:00 - 9:50 AM


MyMathLab Homework 150 points
Written Homework 60 points
Quizzes and class work 40 points
3 Focus Problems 50 points each
1 test (first test) 40 points
4 Exams 90 points each
1 Final Exam 200 points
1000 total points

Grade Scale

A   90% — 100% Excellent
B   80% — 89% Above Average
C   70% — 79% Average
D   60% — 69% Below Average
F     0% — 59% Failing

COURSE CONTENT:   This is a one semester course intended for non-math and non-science majors. The focus of the course is on developing mathematical maturity through problem solving, critical thinking, writing and communication of mathematics.

HOMEWORK:  Homework will be done in two ways. The first component will be using MyMathLab. The percentage of correct responses will be used to assign your homework points at the end of the semester. Homework can be completed late up until the day of the exam on that cycle, but 10% of the score will be deducted for late work. The second component will consist of problems in the textbook. The daily assignment will correspond to the section covered in class each day. It will be checked for completion. Quizzes will be based on the book homework. The paper and pencil homework from the text should be completed before the following class period. It will be graded as:
2 points – all done,
1 point – mostly done
0 points- mostly unfinished.

Note: This instructor reserves the right to add, change or modify the syllabus and calendar, including test days, by announcing such changes in class.


FOCUS PROBLEMS:  will be assigned to develop mathematical concepts. Students will be assigned to groups to work on the focus problems. Groups will be graded on the analysis and solution to the problem, including appropriate use of mathematics, grammar and sentence structure and neatness. Each member of the group should have a complete copy of the group’s work. Projects turned in late will lose 10% of the possible points for each day that they are late.

EXAMS::  There will be 4 exams, worth 100 points each. Makeup tests will not be given. If you miss an exam due to illness, your final exam score will be used to replace that missed test. If you know that you need to take a test early, please notify me as soon as you know. If you are involved in athletics or other activities that require you to miss class and you will miss class the day of a test, you must notify me at least 2 days in advance so that I can arrange for you to take the test early.

FINAL EXAM:The final exam is TBD and will be comprehensive. It will be worth 150 points. It is required that you take the final exam in order to pass the class. You may arrange with me to take the final exam on an earlier day during finals week.


DROP POLICY:  During the first two weeks of the semester students may drop a class without receiving any notation on grade records. During the next six weeks students who drop will receive a "W" on their grade record. The instructor's signature is not needed. After the eighth week of the semester students may not drop a class and must receive an evaluative grade. It is expected that you will attend every class meeting. Please notify me if an emergency prevents you from attending. This is a 6 unit class. I reserve the right to drop any student who misses more than 6 hours of class.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY & CONDUCT: It is expected that all work turned in by a student has been done by that student except when explicitly stated otherwise. A student found guilty of copying another student's work or cheating on an exam will receive a grade of 0 on that exam or assignment. That score will not be dropped. The Office of Student Affairs will be notified. If a second offense occurs, the student may receive an F in the class or be expelled from Palomar College.

Students are required to maintain considerate and respectful behavior to the instructor and other students in this class. Out of consideration for others, please turn off cell phones and other electronics and unplug listening devices. Students texting or checking messages during class time may be asked to leave. This will count as one absence. Please do not eat during class. It is distracting to those around you. Please see Palomar College Code of Conduct regarding behavior expectations. Disrespectful language or disruptive behavior can result in the temporary or permanent expulsion of the student from the class.


ACADEMIC RECORDS:  It is your responsibility to know what grades are on your transcripts. Check your records at the end of each semester. Students have one year to petition a grade that they feel was given in error. (See Palomar College Catalog).

DISABLED STUDENTS:  Any student with special needs due to a disability must discuss with me (in my office) what is needed by the end of the second week of class. If you will take your tests in the DRC offices, you must give me the completed envelope at least 2 days before the test. You will need to schedule your test for the same day that the test is given in class..

TUTORING:  There are several places on campus where you can get FREE tutoring for math. Math Learning Center: The math center in room E2 is open daily. Monday through Thursday their hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Friday they are open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 – 12:00. You will need a Palomar PIC card. Then just register in the free class N ABED 202 (Class #72197). Swipe your card at the front desk when you go in. There are tutors available as well as computer instruction to help you learn.

Me: Ask questions in class. If you don’t understand the homework or didn’t understand the material covered in class, make an appointment to meet with me or meet with me after class. Do it before you get behind. When coming to my office for help, please write down the pages and problems that you are stuck on or print out your homework and bring it with you. Bring your attempted solutions with you so that I can see what you tried and what you are having difficulty with. Library: There is free tutoring available on the first floor of the library. It is one-on-one tutoring. Call 744-1150 x 2448 for information.